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Sarah Childers Headshot Image
Sarah Childers

Sarah is the Experience and Community Development Manager at Destination Augusta. She lives in North Augusta and since moving here in 2004 has fallen in love with Augusta's River Region, especially the areas to explore "below the 20." That's I-20 to you locals!

Warm Up with the Augusta Coffee Trail

GET READY TO IGNITE YOUR COFFEE CRAVING! Welcome to the heart of Georgia, where the vibrant city of Augusta beckons coffee enthusiasts to embark on a unique and aromatic adventure – the Augusta Coffee Trail. Nestled in the charming streets of Augusta, this trail is a delightful journey for both…

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2023 Holiday Gift Guide: Augusta Edition

Don't let holiday shopping stress you out – we've got your back with the perfect handmade gift ideas from makers in Augusta's River Region! Explore the ultimate holiday shopping experience at Augusta & Co., your go-to destination in Augusta. Our Experience Center serves as a vibrant storefront for…

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