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South Carolina

South Carolina is just a short journey across the Savannah River. Should you choose to take the trek, you’ll find a land filled with outdoor adventures, talented craftspeople in a growing economy and a creative atmosphere. South Carolina’s neck of the woods has just that: woods and farmland. Take the Forks Area Trail System (FATS), for example. The International Mountain Biking Association calls it “one of the Southeast’s premier trails systems.” Both beginner and experienced bikers will enjoy it, and it also makes a great place for hiking. Or visit the Living History Park, a scenic recreational area featuring colonial style buildings and live demonstrations. South Carolina is also known for its bi-annual horse racing events, the Aiken Steeplechase.

Tastemakers and taste-creators are popping up all over Augusta’s River Region, helping travelers like yourself unwind a little easier. Think craft brews at Aiken Brewing Company, strong drinks from Carolina Moon Distillery and one-of-a-kind food creations from Malia’s. Unwind with your taste buds, and your body will follow suit. The way we figure it, South Carolina may be a completely different state, but its hospitality is just like the rest of Augusta’s River Region: warm and welcoming.

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