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Why Augusta?

Whether you need an indoor pool for the kids or an outdoor space for the family picnic, we believe Augusta is the right spot for your reunion. There are hundreds of reasons why Augusta is the perfect place for you, but here are just a few...

Top 5 Reasons to Have Your Reunion in Augusta:

  1. “Cousin” Michelle – Our secret weapon for reunion planning, “Cousin” Michelle has helped plan over 1,000 successful reunions in Augusta. Her assistance will guarantee that your event will not only go off without a hitch, but will also create memories that your friends and family will talk about for years.
  2. Sitting Pretty – Augusta is a great central location. Whether your group is coming in from another state or just within Georgia, access off Interstate-20 and Highway 25 makes it easy for everyone to make the trip.
  3. It’s Cheap – We know some people would prefer we say “affordable.” But sometimes it is just great to get cheap rates and cheap eats. The quality is always there, but it is great to be affordable too!
  4. It’s Fun – Need a DJ to make your banquet a dance party after dinner? Activities to keep the kids entertained? A trolley tour to get out and enjoy the city? An Amazing Race for the entire family? Almost anything you can think of to make your reunion unique and special is right here in Augusta.
  5. It’s Easy – We specialize in making time spent with friends and family easy. Not only is our city a convenient drive from most of the Southeast, but once you’re here, you’ll find that it’s just as easy to lie by the pool, go on an outdoor adventure or take a walk through history.


Meet your new favorite place for Reunions. Few cities are so easy to get to, and so difficult to leave. Perhaps that’s because Augusta radiates...

Reunion Planning Tips

You have been elected or have stepped up to be the reunion planner for your next family reunion – congratulations! The key to a great reunion is...

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If you’re in the market to hold your reunion in Augusta, get in touch with Michelle—the CVB’s specialist in what she lovingly calls...