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Destination Augusta | About Us


Destination Augusta is a not-for-profit 501(c)(6) corporation responsible for promoting tourism in the Augusta area. This destination marketing organization is the exclusive provider of tourism promotion services.


Augusta's first Convention and Visitors Bureau was established in 1980 as a department of the Augusta Chamber of Commerce. In 1988, the City and County created the Augusta-Richmond County Convention and Visitors Bureau as a joint entity of the two governments. On January 1, 1997, the ACVB, Inc. was created and entered into a service agreement with the City of Augusta.

 Destination Augusta also operates Augusta & Co., Augusta's Experience Center, located at 1010 Broad Street; and the Augusta Film Commission. 

Mission Statement

Destination Augusta develops and promotes our community, inspiring people to have unforgettable experiences. ​

Vision Statement

Augusta is a thriving community rich with experiences that attract people.

Our Strategic Goals & Priorities
  • Recruit and promote meetings, events, festivals, and film productions year-round

  • Keep Augusta improving to be the most attractive travel destination it can be

  • Foster stakeholder alignment and collaboration

  • Articulate and emotionalize Augusta’s unique selling proposition

  • Enhance Destination Augusta’s public profile


Primary funding is derived from a portion of the local 6% lodging tax. Destination Augusta receives 33% of the hotel tax, which is designated for marketing and promotions. Destination Augusta administers a tourism grant additional hotel tax restricted for that purpose. 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

In a destination that is an extraordinary mosaic of cultures, Destination Augusta recognizes and advocates the importance of creating an environment where all people feel welcome and included. We will always uphold the fundamental beliefs of respect, equity, inclusion, collaboration, creative freedom and hospitality to all.  

As a destination marketing organization that embraces visitors from across the globe, we believe in equal and fair treatment for everyone, regardless of ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, political viewpoint, socioeconomic background, or religious belief. 

From old to young, black to white, artsy to techy, the fabric of our community is wonderfully designed. We take great pride in knowing that our destination creates choice and instills confidence in all people, empowering them to seek and share new experiences, while making this an ideal place to live, work and visit. 

Visitor Economic Impact
  • Last year, the coronavirus pandemic devastated every sector of the travel industry with staggering declines in 2020 compared to 2019, affecting every community in the country, including Augusta. Locally the leisure and hospitality sector has been the most affected by the coronavirus pandemic with a loss of 11,000 jobs by April 2020. While recovery is happening employment numbers are still 4,500 off the peak going from the third largest industry in the Augusta MSA in 2019 to fifth.
  • Visitor spending generated $610.65 million

  • Visitor spending breakdown:

    • Dining: $205.9 million

    • Transportation: $152.4 million

    • Lodging: $117.9 million

    • Shopping: $69.6 million

    • Entertainment: $64.8 million

  • Tourism generated $16.37 million in local taxes.

  • Tourism generates $27.10 million in state taxes.

  • Each Augusta/Richmond County household would need to be taxed an additional $609 per year to replace taxes generated by tourism economic activity.

Source: U.S. Travel Association: 2019 Travel Economic Impact on Georgia States, Counties, and Regions.