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Frequently Asked Questions for the Tournament

At Destination Augusta, formerly the Augusta Convention and Visitors Bureau, we get a lot of calls about the Augusta National Golf Club’s Masters Tournament. Below are just a few of the regular questions. Please do not hesitate to call us with other questions about your visit to Augusta at 800-726-0243.


I did not get tickets for the Masters for this year, is it too late to apply for the lottery?

Yes, it is too late. You will need to reapply. Applications are accepted starting in May and are usually due by the end of July. You will need to go to their website and visit More Information -> Patron Information. 

I cannot do a lot of walking; can a wheelchair be rented at the tournament? 

No, the Augusta National Golf club does not rent our mobility scooters, but you can rent them from DuraMed at 706-737-0500.

I am not planning to rent a car; do hotels in the area provide shuttle service?

Yes, many hotels provide shuttle service from hotel to golf course and back, at a nominal cost or not at all. 

Where can I park once I arrive to the golf course?  How early do I need to be there? 

The Augusta National Golf Club has allocated a very large area of free parking spaces during the Masters Tournament. During the tournament, gates open at 8 AM daily

I received a notification letter that I won tickets for the practice round so I will be coming to Augusta in April. Where can I stay? 

According to your hotel brand preference you can access places to stay on our website to get a listing of hotels in the area. 

I noticed that my check has been cashed, when do I receive my tickets? 

Tickets begin to be mailed our starting mid-January. If you have any questions or concerns about your tickets, please contact the Augusta National Golf Club directly at 706-667-6000 and ask for Tournament Information. 

Is the Golf Course within walking distance of the hotels on Washington Road? 

No, it is not. 

What is the dress code? Can I wear jeans?

Appropriate clothes and shoes should be worn at all times. Jeans are acceptable. 

I would like to play some golf while I am in Augusta, can you recommend some golf courses?

Yes, Augusta's River Region has several courses you can choose from, you can find a listing of area golf courses on our website. 

It is March and I have not received my tickets yet?

Perhaps you provided a forwarding address; the Augusta National does not forward tickets to addresses not matching the application. If that is the case, then the Club would probably have your tickets and you will need to contact them directly at 706-667-6000.

Can I bring an infant with me to the Practice Round? 

All attendees must have a badge. 

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