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Authentic Augusta Experiences

It’s time to experience Augusta in a whole new way, step into the water as an Eco-Explorer and be a scientist for the day, pick up your paint brush and paint a mural in Promenade and Paint, Augusta’s Public Art, have tea and pie with President Woodrow Wilson’s mother, meet the Black Caddies; the Men on the Bag with stories of days on the greens at The Masters, go through orientation as a new hire as an 1800’s mill worker and be paid in company scrip, put on a badge and become a member of the Augusta Museum of History’s Detective Agency and protect the history of Augusta, cycle the Soul City and stop for drinks or samples at the local distillery or select restaurants, hear the Rest of the Story as a rogue “journalist,” unveils the back story about the art at the Morris Museum of Art and don’t miss the chance to curate your own charcuterie board influenced by contemporary art or to become a bartender for the day in a one of kind mixology experience with All Equal Parts. 

These 10 NEW Authentic Augusta Experiences are designed to immerse you, make you a part of the experience, and leave you with lifelong memories of your visit to Augusta.

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