Would you like to get a glimpse into the life of one of America's Presidents as a child? Augusta was home to President Thomas Woodrow Wilson from 1858 to 1870. You'll learn more about his adventures during the NEW Authentic Augusta Experience: Bringing up a President - Tea with Mrs. Wilson at the Boyhood Home of Woodrow Wilson and the historic Joseph R. Lamar Boyhood Home.  

Fun Fact: President Wilson's father, Rev. Dr. Joseph Ruggles Wilson, was the pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Augusta for many years. 

Photos of Bringing up a President - Tea with Mrs. Wilson


For groups looking to discover some unfrequented American history, you’ll learn about the Wilson family’s life in Augusta from Mrs. Woodrow Wilson, mother of President Woodrow Wilson. During the tour, she welcomes you as a guest into her home as she shares the tales of “Tommy,” as the president was known as a boy. She recollects how he led the Lightfoot Baseball Club, sometimes ran into trouble, and carved his name into one of the home's window panes! 


In true Southern hospitality, you’ll enjoy tea and pie with Mrs. Wilson and her neighbor Mrs. Lamar as you get to know one another and hear how these two mothers raised a President and a Supreme Court Justice.

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