Hey all you cool cats & kittens, it's Taylor here, guiding you to hop in your car and explore a backyard safari. But really, you can now see from all over the world without ever leaving the county. 

After 15 years of being in the educational animal business, owner of Eudora Farms, Mark Nisbet had unprecedented events strike his plans like the rest of us. However, he didn’t let that ruin his year.

A drive-thru zoo was set to be open and ready for 2021, but Mark pulled it together with his team at Eudora Farms and gave children and parents of all ages the great escape everyone needs right now. 

The drive-thru opened Mother’s Day weekend and has been a sensation. You never leave the comfort of your own vehicle as you roll through the farm interacting with animals from all over the world, all while having the chance to feed them straight out of your car window.

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“The best part from an owner stand-point is seeing children and their parents even, just laugh and giggle as a camel reaches through their window,” Mark shared. Eudora Farms has given some light to Augusta's River Region and we couldn’t be more excited.

Be sure to practice safe social distancing as you explore and adventure throughout Augusta's River Region.