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Welcome to Augusta 2017 Head of the South Regatta

Augusta is excited to welcome you for the 21st year of HOTS! Don't just spend your days on the water and your nights in the hotel room. The city and Augusta's River Region are bustling with fun things to do and amazing places to eat and drink. So get out and explore!

And make plans to come back for the 2018 Spring/Winter training programs in Augusta.

Food & Drink

In Augusta, we’re serious about great food. It won’t take long to get in the habit of lingering over the flavors and aromas of the food and the pleasures of a laid-back way of life.


Mild temperatures year-round means exciting outdoor adventures year-round in Augusta's River Region. Water or land, mountain biking or water skiing, we’ve got something for every adventurer.

Since we’re right on the Savannah River, we’ve got plenty of activities for those who love water. Try Betty's Branch for kayaking, canoeing and SUPing. With water comes greenery, like the Augusta Canal Heritage Area or Phinizy Swamp, which are also both great places for hiking or biking.

Free Things to Do

Looking for free things to do while you're in Augusta? Look no further!

Museums & Galleries

If you love museums, galleries and art, some folks might think you’re artsy. Others might think you’re a hippie. And maybe you are. But in Augusta, you’re in good company. From large museums to tiny galleries, we have something for every creative soul.

Augusta is the second oldest city in Georgia. So, we’ve got more museums than your feet can handle walking through. Start at the Augusta Museum of History to really get to know the city.

Maps & Planning Info

Finding your way around Augusta, Georgia's second largest city, is easy.