Artists of all backgrounds have left their mark around Augusta –– leaving some of the most vibrant murals throughout the city. Trust us, they're all worth an Instagram feature. Be sure to have your phone in tow and your walking shoes on to enjoy.  

Spirit of Funk: James Brown Mural • 190 James Brown Blvd., Augusta, GA • Artist: Cole Phail 

Black Lives Matter  • 307 11th St., Augusta, GA • Artist: Aort Reed 

Robot and the Moon • 215 12th St., Augusta, GA • Artist: Leonard "Porkchop" Zimmerman 

Girl with Butterflies • 739 Green St., Augusta, GA • Artist: Jay Jacobs

SoSal Augusta Mural • 1008 Broad St., Augusta, GA • Artist: April Henry King 

Innovation Mural of Augusta • 100 Grace Hopper Lane, Augusta, GA • Artist: Aort Reed 

Sugar Magnolia's Mural • 1020 Reynolds St., Augusta, GA • Artist: Brian Stewart 

Get Up Augusta • 1002 Broad St., Augusta, GA • Artist: Jason Craig 

Happy • 210 10th St., Augusta, GA • Artist: Leonard "Porkchop" Zimmerman 

Augusta, I Love You • 943 Ellis St., Augusta, GA • Artists: Leonard "Porkchop" Zimmerman, Troy Campbell and Brian Stewart 

Art The Box • Downtown, Augusta, GA • Click here for a full list of artists.

Augusta University Mural • 1030 Reynolds Street, Augusta, GA • Artists: Around 40 faculty, staff, and students from Augusta University.

Augusta is known for its soul and funk –– mainly because of its native son, James Brown. There's a cool series of murals dedicated to the lyrics from The Godfather of Soul. 

Nothing Without A Woman or A Girl • 800 block of Ellis St. Augusta, GA • Artists: Leonard Zimmerman , Jay Jacobs  & Brian Stewart 

Yes You Can •  800 block of Ellis St. Augusta, GA • Artists: Leonard Zimmerman , Jay Jacobs  & Brian Stewart 

Please, Please, Please  • 800 block of Ellis St. Augusta, GA • Artists: Leonard Zimmerman , Jay Jacobs  & Brian Stewart 

Keep Downtown Augusta Funky • 802 Broad Street • Augusta, GA • Artists: Jason Craig, Leonard Zimmerman , April Henry King + Brad King 

RESPECT • 601 7th St. Augusta, GA • Artist: Jason Craig 

Untitled (Indigenous Man & Birds) • 1051 11th St. Augusta, GA • Artist: Lee Ann Culver

The Garden City Project • 1051 11th St. Augusta, GA • Artist: Autumn Von Plinsky 

Boy in Chair • 1051 11th St. Augusta, GA • Artist: Jay Jacobs 

Untitled (Vibrant Colors) • 1051 11th St. Augusta, GA • Artist: Sydney Taylor Ewerth 

Pirate Boy • 200 block of 12th St., Augusta, GA • Artist: Jay Jacobs

Golden Blocks Mural • 1143 Laney Walker Blvd. Augusta, GA • Artist: Audrey "SalaAdenike" Jeter-Allen

Love Where You Live Augusta • 527 13th St. Augusta, GA • Artist: Brian Stewart 

The Bees Knees Mural • 211 10th St. Augusta, GA • Artist: Jacki Mayo Van Dyke 

Hildebrant's Mural • 226 6th St. Augusta, GA • Artist: Hildebrant's 

Savannah River Brewing Co. Mural • 813 5th St. Augusta, GA • Artist: April Henry King 

5th Street "Freedom" Bridge Murals • 5th St. Augusta, GA • Click here for a full list of artists.

Rotating Artist Mural • 1216 Broad St. Augusta, GA • Guest artists contribute on a rotation.

Outside of the downtown Augusta corridor visitors will find larger murals that also encompass the spirit of Augusta past and present. While your phone is still encouraged ––– these mural sightings may require a ride. Art Factory Inc. and Augusta Utilities "Art on the Wall" mural project found at 2835 Central Ave. Augusta, GA. Additional murals can be sighted on Highland Ave. and Wrightsboro Rd. intersection. 

Artists: Cyndy Epps, Joseph Hart, Steve Krecskay, Steve Snyder, Brian Stewart, Richard Worth, Russ Bonin, and Raoul Pacheco.

*This list was curated in collaboration with AnnBeth Strelec, founder of the Naked Epicurean blog. Additionally, many of the murals, installations, and sculptures are collaborations coordinated by local artists, business owners, Westobou, and the Greater Augusta Arts Council