Grabbing food on the go can sometimes derail your nutrition goals. Don't let it, grab a smoothie instead from local restaurants right in your backyard. 

Humanitree House 
If you're looking for a place where the organic cold-pressed juices are the star of the show, look no further than Humanitree House. You can also enjoy smoothies, smoothie bowls, herbal teas, and more. 
Suggestion: Green Goddess

Nutritious Alternatives 
A healthy dose of fruit and vegetables isn't always top of mind, but after a visit to Nutritious Alternatives, you'll never forget. With a menu full of organic options, you'll be ready to start a new lifestyle in no time. 
Suggestion: Skinny Honeyloupe Smoothie 

New Moon Cafe 
There are an array of options at New Moon Cafe from breakfast and beyond. But you'll be over the moon for their delicious smoothies. Made with fresh fruit daily. 
Suggestion: Green Monster Smoothie

DiChicko’s Peri Peri Cafe 
Want a cafe that makes it easy to make good decisions? DiChicko's Peri Peri Cafe is the place. With a vast list of fresh-pressed juices, power, and protein smoothies, you're guaranteed to feel confident about your new lifestyle choices. 
Suggestion: Acai Anti-Aging Smoothie 

Inner Bean Cafe at Beacon Station 
They're the new kid on the block, but they know a thing or two about healthy options. Conveniently located in Beacon Station, Inner Bean Cafe offers healthy breakfast and lunch items. Grab a smoothie on the go, you won't be disappointed. 
Suggestion: Inner Green Smoothie

The Southern Salad
The Southern Salad offers an array of choices packed with the fuel needed to keep you running. Though salads reign supreme, you can get a nutritious smoothie here too. 
Suggestion: Creamsicle Smoothie 

VIBE Smoothie Bar
Vibe Smoothie Bar is a pop-up smoothie truck offering classic, protein, and boosted smoothie options. Keep an eye out for their pop-up times in Augusta, GA in front of Field Botanicals
Suggestion: Blueberry Zest