There is a certain magic in the air during the first week of April in Augusta. The Azaleas are in bloom, the town is buzzing with excitement, and the best golfers in the world descend upon the Augusta National for the Masters Golf Tournament. A trip to the Augusta National is a bucket list experience for many. If you're heading out to the course this year, make it a great experience with these 5 tips.


1) Practice Rounds = B.Y.O.C.

Cameras (legit ones - not the kind built-in to your phone) are allowed on practice round days only. So, if you've got a ticket for Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, be sure to bring one!


2) Snap an Iconic Selfie

Make your way to the clubhouse to get your photo taken in front of those famous yellow flowers! The photo is complimentary - and on tournament days it's the only way to capture the memory with a picture.


3) Eat All The Food

We know you've heard about the legendary pimento cheese sandwiches. But, we bet you didn't know how inexpensive they are. The food at the Masters Tournament is very affordable, so be sure to try several items off the menu. (And by several, we mean all of it.)


This pimento cheese. It's $1.50 and it lives up to its reputation.

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4) Grab Your Masters Gear

Gift shop orders? Take them in advance! Your mom, kids, sister, brother, dad, best friend, best friend's dad, second cousins twice removed and strangers you meet on the street will all want something from the Pro Shop. Write it all down on a paper with their sizes and wish list.


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5) Go To the Events

There are a lot of fun events going on in Augusta during Masters week like the Rock Fore! Dough Concert featuring Scotty McCreery. We've got a list of Masters Week Events for you to choose from.


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