Museums & Galleries in Augusta

If you love museums, galleries and art, some folks might think you’re artsy. Others might think you’re a hippie. And maybe you are. But in Augusta, you’re in good company. From large museums to tiny galleries, we have something for every creative soul.

Augusta is the second oldest city in Georgia. So, we’ve got more museums than your feet can handle walking through. Start at the Augusta Museum of History to really get to know the city. If you’re feet aren’t tired yet, learn about Augusta’s early days as a bustling industrial powerhouse at the Augusta Canal Discovery Center. Stroll through the amazing Morris Museum of Art, which features nearly 5,000 pieces of art by Southern artists. Find your inner artist at the Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art, where you can create your own works of art as well as enjoy the works of others. 

Get a bit more up close and personal at one of the nearby art galleries on Broad Street. Or, browse the quirky selection of local art offered at many local restaurants and shops as you grab a fresh juice or book.

Call us culture enthusiasts. Call us art or history buffs. Even call us fanatics. Whatever you call us, if you need to find us, we’ll be in Augusta.

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