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Listed on the National Register, the grand is considered one of the finest examples of Federal architecture. The Institute remains the only non-profit contemporary gallery and visual arts school in the region, offering a rich calendar of nearly 30 exhibitions by regional and national artists.  Today the structure's architectural features shine much as they did in the 1800s, displaying the artisanship of a bygone era in contrast to contemporary artwork. 

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Hours of Operation
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Lillie Morris: Heggie's Rock Revisited

  • Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art

About the Artist - Originally from Augusta, GA, Lillie Morris moved to Columbia County in the mid 1980’s.  Interested in art since she was a young girl, Morris studied art at Augusta College in the early 70’s and has continued to explore a variety of painting mediums as well as collage throughout her adult life. She is  known for her diversity, her love of texture and her impressionistic style. 

This exhibition of her most recent work focuses on the landscape of Heggie’s Rock in Columbia County and will transport the viewer to the barren, lunar-like landscape of this unique geological place. The artist hopes to inspire you to visit the location she has interpreted through her art and invites you to enjoy this exhibition. Here is a great article about the artist and exhibit in the Augusta Chronicle


Heggie’s Rock is a spectacular granite outcrop spreading over 60 acres and rising 100 feet high. Heggie’s Rock first appears on the records in March 1769 when Georgia Roseborough petitioned the English government for "100 acres on Little Kiokee Creek, near Big Rock”. The sheer rock expanse is also thought to have been the location of the only two Revolutionary battles fought in Columbia county. 

Currently owned, preserved, and protected by the Nature Conservancy, Heggie’s Rock is quite the wondrous ecosystem. It is inhabited by extreme plants that have innumerable adaptations to survive without any soil and withstand extreme temperatures. Stunted trees, endangered species and plants only found in two locations in the entire world scatter the landscape of Heggies’s Rock.  

Eco-lovers, environmental novices and historians alike will find a visit to Heggie’s Rock fascinating.