Voting "Yes" for C-SPLOST is a game changer for Augusta

Here are a few reasons to make your way to the polls on November 7th to place your vote for the C-SPLOST and help us build Augusta's future. 

  1. Enhance Downtown Augusta: Voting YES for C-SPLOST and a new Arena will create an even more vibrant downtown environment and contribute greatly to a bright future for our community. 

  2. Job Creation: The new James Brown Arena will bring 600 permanent jobs to Augusta, held by friends, family, and neighbors, and create $1.6 billion in economic impact. 

  3. Modernization Brings Benefits: The current James Brown Arena, built over 40 years ago, needs a major upgrade and new technology to attract top-notch performers and major events. 

  4. More Competitive Regionally: Augusta is constantly competing against other cities in attracting industry and workforce talent. Arts, entertainment, and culture are always on the list of assets desired by major employers. The new arena will have 10,500 seats, 4.5 acres of green space, and a Grand Lobby connecting the Bell Auditorium. 

  5. Shared Financial Impact: The C-SPLOST is a HALF PENNY sales tax that really is an investment in our community's brighter future. More than 40% of the cost of the arena will be paid for by visitors. 


For more information on the C-SPLOST and the arena, visit

Renderings of the new Augusta Arena