Candles are amazing, it’s even more amazing having the option to create your own. Hit downtown Augusta and waltz into Augusta Candle Co. to create your very own smelly jar of pumpkin goodness.

Get Cozy

Augusta Candle Co. has the perfect atmosphere. You are instantly cozy as soon as you walk in the adorable shop. Your eyes will light up when you see the giant wall of candle scents, and then your jaw will drop after seeing the many beautiful candle jars! They even offer a skull for the spooky season!

Find Your Augusta Melting Point

Get your senses ready, Augusta Candle Co. has every scent you could ever imagine and don’t get me started on the fall scents….

You need to jump on the Pumpkin Apple Butter scent because it literally puts you instantly into the middle of fall. You will have your fur boots and scarf on as soon as you put the candle down. Be prepared you WILL want to buy EVERY. SINGLE. CANDLE. Because they are just that good.

Fall for All

Whether you combine Hot Apple Pie with Harvest Spice or Autumn Flannel with Caramel, the array of fall scents will make any great combo! You must smell the Roasted Pinecone because it’ll have you jumping in a pile of leaves before you know it!

This is fun for all ages, this can be a great group activity or a fun date night, and even an exciting field trip for you and your kids - so add this to your itinerary!