The Rae's Creek Aqueduct is a remarkable pre-Civil War structure in Augusta, Georgia. Now part of the Augusta Canal National Heritage Area, the aqueduct is part of a park that fascinates visitors because of its ancient stone arches, rocky outcrops and the rushing waters of one of the best waterfalls in Augusta's River Region.

Key Feature - Kid & Pup Friendly 

This park features a 19th-century granite aqueduct, plus a waterfall, swimming & rock climbing. If you need a great place to explore this summer, this cool spot is kid-friendly and is safe to swim & wade, however, the rocks are very slippery and we recommend you bring water shoes. 

How to get there? 

You can access the Aqueduct Park from the Augusta Canal near the Lake Olmstead Trailhead. Take the Mill Village Trail and you will find it on your right. We're including a Google pin here in case you need it.