Augusta, Georgia boasts a thriving LIVE music scene that caters to a wide array of musical tastes. Whether you prefer the cozy ambiance of intimate venues or the grand spectacle of outdoor festivals, this city has something special to offer both residents and tourists. Augusta's music scene is a blend of classical elegance, as exemplified by the Augusta Symphony, and the high-energy beats of hip-hop and country concerts at the James Brown Arena. Dive into the dynamic world of live music in Augusta and experience its vibrant tapestry for yourself.


Experiencing the natural ambiance of Augusta at an outdoor venue is a great way to enjoy the summer music scene. Scenic views, and open skies paired with great singers and bands make for a memorable concert experience. 

MOONLIGHT MUSIC CRUISE • This summer, don't miss the Moonlight Music Cruise featuring LIVE music acts from bluegrass to indie folk. You'll ride down the Augusta Canal on a Petersburg Boat while listening to some of the area's best in entertainment. 


If you want a cool and uninterrupted music experience in the summer, indoor venues may be the way to go. We have an abundance of venues large and intimate that can serve up a memorable concert along with food and drinks. 

Whether you're looking to enjoy intimate solo performances or a large-scale concert, Augusta has a venue for you. For vibes check out Grantski Records, Southbound Smokehouse, Edgar's Above Broad, The Fox's Lair, Doc's Porchside, The Partridge Inn, The Boll Weevil, Joe's Underground, Mellow Mushroom, and many more. Check out LIVE Music & Concert page. 

For large-scale concerts, visit the James Brown Arena, Bell Auditorium, The Miller Theater, and Imperial Theater. Overall, enjoying live music in Augusta, GA, provides a chance to explore the city's music scene, support local talent, experience a variety of venues and events, and connect with fellow music enthusiasts. #ComeSeeAugusta 

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