Greetings from your Group Business Development team here at Destination Augusta! 

There is no better time than now for us to come together and strategize new ways to better serve future meeting attendees and potential visitors. We understand that timelines to resume planning look different for all of you, and we want to meet you wherever you are. Whenever you are ready to plan again, we are here to help make it happen!

We Put the V in CVB

Our team members put the V in CVB, and that V stands for value. We are here to be a dependable asset to our meeting planners throughout the planning experience. A team of three service-oriented and focused individuals, we take the responsibility of working to simplify the planning process by being a strategic partner for our meeting planners. As we take much pride in being the experts in our city, we want to take the role of bridging the gaps between you, and any prospective venues. Most importantly, we are here to ensure that we are jumping any unexpected hurdles together.

Still need assistance in planning? Email the team or check out our Meet in Augusta page for ideas, information, and more. 

Meet the Team

Michelle Bovian is our Director of Group Business Development, but you can call her Cousin Michelle. With 25 years of sales experience with the Augusta CVB, she’s an expert in working alongside meeting planners for all social meetings. Her markets are social, religious, reunions, weddings, and fraternal.

Iman Johnson is our Senior Group Business Development Manager. Iman is passionate about the power of meetings and helping to cultivate an authentic Augusta experience for meeting attendees. Her markets are military, government, education, and associations.

Taylor Wood is our Group Business Development Manager. Taylor is all about optimizing the meeting experience through our group meeting services.