Stillwater Taproom

Grab a cold one and a seat at StillWater Taproom in beautiful Downtown Augusta, Georgia. Located at 974 Broad St, StillWater is the place to go for fresh draft beer and fine brown liquor. Don’t let the low key nature fool you; when the sun goes down, the fun is just starting. The stage located near the entrance (dubbed locally as "The Little Stage That Could" hosts the finest musicians around, from Rock and Roll to Jazz and the Blues. The Kenny George Band, Celia Gary, Delta Cane and Bushfire Stankgrass have all rocked the regulars at StillWater over the years. With many more years to come, it is inevitable that the flow of cold drinks and good music will keep on coming.

Hours of Operation:
Monday: 4 PM - 3 AM
Tuesday: 4 PM - 3 AM
Wednesday: 4 PM - 3 AM
Thursday: 4 PM - 3 AM
Friday: 4 PM - 3 AM
Saturday: 8 PM - 2 AM

Hours of Operation
  • Monday Opening Time: 4 PM
  • Monday Closing Time: 3 AM
  • Tuesday Opening Time: 4 PM
  • Tuesday Closing Time: 3 AM
  • Wednesday Opening Time: 4 PM
  • Wednesday Closing Time: 3 AM
  • Thursday Opening Time: 4 PM
  • Thursday Closing Time: 3 AM
  • Friday Opening Time: 4 PM
  • Friday Closing Time: 3 AM
  • Saturday Opening Time: 8 PM
  • Saturday Closing Time: 2 AM