Cedar Grove Cemetery

In 1820, Augusta allotted 40 acres of land where slaves were laid to rest in wooden boxes or were simply wrapped in clothe and buried in unmarked, shallow graves. The first record of burials at Cedar Grove Cemetery is found on page 100 of Book A, July 1840. It reads, "6 blacks, 2 of whom children". At this time in history, names of the deceased or their masters were not listed. It was not until June of 1862 that the records began to show the colored report, giving date died, sometimes names, disease, age, sex, wards in which they lived, and who they were the property of. In June of 1865, the report started listing the deceased of freedman instead of property. In April of 1880, separate books from Magnolia Cemetery burials were started. The record books can be found in a safe at Magnolia Cemetery, containing records of the past up till present day, but no index is available until after 1930.