The sun has been shining, and the flowers are blooming. It’s perfect weather for a little picnic on your front porch (with sweet tea, of course). As the State of Georgia and the City of Augusta implement an executive order to shelter-in-place, families are preparing to stay home. We're putting a little spotlight on a few local professional photographers that had an idea: why not take a few photos of their beloved neighborhoods all while staying six-feet apart and close in heart. 

To read more regarding the shelter-in-place executive order issued by Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, visit our resources page we've put together for you to easily navigate. 

Photo Credit: That adorable couple above are Augusta natives -> follow the photographer on Instagram @lilyandgracephotography.

We chatted with a few local photographers on their recent shoots before they begin to shelter-in-place and asked a few questions to find the love behind the lens. 

Lily and Grace Photography: Local photographer, Kaitlyn Gordon operating out of Evans, Georgia, shared with us her sentiment behind the camera. “I thought this would be a great way for families to remember this chunk of time where we can’t leave our homes.” 

Inspiration behind the lens? “One of my neighbors and I decided that we were going to go around our neighborhood and capture each family where they were. Whether that be a cute family portrait, photos of couples in their robes, or a funny setup." 

Best part? "It made me really happy to see people smile again.”

Follow Kaitlyn on Instagram @lilyandgracephotography for more adorable photos, while we shelter-in-place of course. 

Danielle Franklin Photography: Based out of Grovetown, Georgia, Danielle has captured quite a few photos 10-feet apart. “The uncertainty of tomorrow is too real... we are having to change our way of living and adjust to staying at home with loved ones without the convenience of getting up and doing whatever we please at any given moment." 

Inspiration behind the lens? "We have been forced to make the best of this situation and whether it is running in the yard with your kids, relaxing with your pets on the patio or splashing in the water, I wanted to capture it."

Best part? "Embracing the happy moments in such a time.”

Follow this Danielle on Instagram for more cute shoots @daniellefranklinphotography

CSRA Photography: Sanjeev Singhal is a local photographer located right in Augusta. Sanjeev has also started capturing back porch photos so follow him on Instagram (@csraphotography) for updates.