The Morris Museum of Art is the oldest museum in the country dedicated to the art and artists of the American South and the only art museum in Augusta's River Region

Fun Fact: The Morris Museum of Art houses the Center for the Study of Southern Art, a comprehensive reference library.

The Morris Museum of Art has a permanent collection established in 1989 with the purchase of 230 paintings from Dr. Robert Powell Coggins, a pioneering collector of Southern art. Today the collection includes 5,000 works of art that represent fifteen states and the District of Columbia.

Collections: Abstraction • Contemporary Art in the South • Contemporary Studio Art Glass • Images of the Civil War • Impressionism in the South • Modernism in the South •  Nineteenth-Century Portraits • Regionalism in the South • Southern Stories • Southerners at Play • Still-Life Painting • The Southern Landscape

The work displayed above is courtesy of Morris Museum of Art 


The Art of William Golding: Hard Knocks, Hardships, and Lots of Experience
Organized by Harry DeLorme, the senior curator of Savannah’s Telfair Museums, the exhibition is the first large-scale museum survey ever undertaken of the work of William O. Golding (1874–1943), an African American seaman and late-life artist who recorded a half-century of maritime experience in vibrant, imaginative drawings.

The exhibition features 72 works from the Morris Museum collection, the Telfair Museum collection, and loans from the Georgia Museum of Art along with private collections. Make plans to see the exhibition here.

The Work Displayed Above Is By William O. Golding, Courtesy Of Morris Museum Of Art 


The museum is full of exclusive Art that will take you on a trek through time. Enjoy the Savannah’s Women Artists 1915–1945 and The Spirit of Collage Paintings: Works by Arless Day. 


The Morris Museum of Art sees education as a lifelong pursuit with programs offered for individuals of all ages. Whether you're seeking activities, tours or events you'll find something for everyone here.


You can also experience fun and innovative events at the Morris Museum of Art throughout the year. Enjoy FREE Sundays at The Morris, which includes access to the Museum for a no-entry-fee. Artrageous! Family Sunday is also a FREE event specifically for families. Art at Lunch offers attendees lunch, conversation, and a presentation often with a noted artist. 

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