If you've ever wondered how integral Augusta, Georgia was to the Industrial Revolution, then the Canal to Cloth - A Day at the Mill experience will wow you and bring you back to the early 1800s with the Augusta Canal at the center of the revolution. 

During this experience, you'll be a millworker at Enterprise Mill! You'll be shown how to run the loom that creates the cloth manufactured in this 1800’s era manufacturing mill. As a new hire, you’ll need to understand the business from the time the cotton arrives on the Petersburg boat to the time it hits the machines.

FUN FACT: The Augusta Canal was built in 1845 as a source of power, followed in 1848 by the construction of the first factories along the canal banks to use the power generated by the water.

Photos of Canal To Cloth - A Day at the Mill


For groups looking to have fun or a group of history buffs, the Canal to Cloth - A Day at the Mill experience is a great option. To this day, the canal continues to serve its original functions: generating hydropower, supplying drinking water, and facilitating boat transportation. You'll be transported through time as you take a ride on the Petersburg boat and hear the adventures of bringing the cotton down the canal and to the textile mills.

Cotton to cloth 

You may be put to work as various characters will show you the process of turning raw cotton into cloth. As a “trainee,” you’ll earn pay which you may use in the Augusta Canal Discovery Center Gift Shop at the end of the tour for a special discount. 

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