2021 Augusta Tourism Product Development Grant Mid-Year Report

Please use this form to document progress on your product(s) funded by the Tourism Product Development Grant administered by Destination Augusta. The mid-year report is a contractual requirement and is due August 1, 2021.

Contact Information

Grant Information


Summarize progress to include action items on each project to date, provide target dates and milestones for the project(s) for rest of the year. If you have more than one project funded by Tourism Product Development funds please title each project as a separate paragraph.

**Combine images into one document for upload.** Provide up to 10 images of your progress photos. Photos can be before and after photos, images of activations, or renderings. If you cannot combine the photos, please email them to jennifer@visitaugusta.com labeled by the project.

Include how this information was gathered. For example, attendees where surveyed at the event and provided their zip codes, hotel room nights were collected by using a special promo code, or zip codes where collected at that the time of ticket purchase.

Use an excel spreadsheet to list detailed expenses to date; also include a timeline of future expenses expected

You may use a word document or pdf to list the media or PR links.

* Indicates a required field.

Upon submission of this form, it will be sent directly to Jennifer Bowen at Destination Augusta. Email Jennifer Bowen or call her at 706-823-6613 with questions or comments. Reports are due August 1, 2021.