Lucy Craft Laney Museum
of Black History

Experience the only African-American Museum in Augusta's River Region. The museum, which opened in 1991, was the former home of Miss Lucy Craft Laney.

Tours and Exhibits
Guided tours through the museum's permanent exhibitions – the Lucy Craft Laney Exhibition, the Pilgrim Health and Life Insurance Exhibition, the Alice Davis Collection, and the Augusta Ebony Legacy Collection-provide visitors with an overview of Black Augustans' contributions at the local, state, national, and international levels.

The museum also displays a number of rotating exhibitions which feature well known and emerging artists; and, educational forums with community leaders. The Annual Lucy Laney Craft Quilt Exhibition showcases regional fiber artists. Special exhibitions about entertainer James Brown, golf, and historical milestones are also popular attractions.

Black Heritage Trolley Tours
The Lucy Craft Laney Museum's Black Heritage Trolley Tour is a one-hour excursion that takes patrons to more than 25 significant historic sites related to Augusta's Black history and the city's development. The trolley tour is paired with the one-hour guided museum tour. Conventions, family reunions, and special event tours are welcome. For tour prices, days, and times, please call the museum at 706-724-3576.