Multifaceted: Art Jewelry in the South

Westobou Gallery presents an exhibition of art jewelry from nine artists living and working in the south curated by Katie Kameen.

Featured Artists:

Adam Atkinson, Virginia

Funlola Coker, Tennessee

Adriane Dalton, Virginia

Kate Furman, South Carolina

Cindy Liebel, Virginia

Zach Mellman-Carsey, Florida

Sarah Murphey, Georgia

Olivia Ruxton, South Carolina

Linda Tien, Texas


The Westobou River, the former name of the Savannah River, was derived from the Westo Indians who migrated to Augusta in the 1660's. The Savanna Indians defeated the Westo Indians in 1680, and the river that now runs through downtown Augusta remains named after the Savanna Indians, the Savannah River. Westobou Festival puts a spotlight on the Central Savannah River Area through a celebration of national and international talent. The festival prides itself on its ability to connect our audience with everything from award winning premier artistic performances to rock concerts. Westobou maintains a high quality of performances appealing to all.Celebrating excellence in the arts, the festival includes an array of performances and exhibitions featuring distinct talent in the disciplines of dance, film, music, spoken words and visual arts. Westobou Festival gives audiences the opportunity to experience the power of art within the backdrop of our exciting city.