More than Meets the Ey

In this great introduction to astronomy, mysteries of outer space are revealed as naked-eye views of objects in the sky are compared with views through binoculars and telescopes. Using the special capabilities of the DuPont Planetarium, learn about the night sky and how to identify a few constellations, nebulae and galaxies. You will also learn about the Moon and neighboring planets in the solar system. You'll realize there is "More than Meets the Eye" in the night sky as you observe planets, nebulae, galaxies and stars in ways you have not seen them before.
Target audience: Ages 8 and up

The DuPont Planetarium exists to inspire others to explore the majesty of the heavens. Visitors age 4 and up attend public shows presented every Saturday. We encourage our visitors to reserve seats in advance. If you make a reservation, please arrive no later than 20 minutes before the show starts. All unclaimed reservations will be released 10 minutes prior to the show. While most DuPont Planetarium programs focus on astronomy and encourage exploration of the night sky, one show takes visitors inside the living cell, and another blows them away into the wild world of weather. Most shows take advantage of the automation system in the planetarium, and all involve an enthusiastic presenter who is eager to share the majesty of the heavens with visitors. Digistar shows, such as Virtual Journey, entertain by using the power of the digital star projector to create shapes that dance across the dome to lively music.