Little Museum of Terrors

Misfit Theatre Group returns to Pexcho’s American Dime Museum Friday February 28th to present Little Museum of Terrors a fun misfit tribute to Little Shop Of Horrors from film to stage with lots of new twists. ONE PERFORMANCE ONLY!! This show is 18 and up only with adult themes. Tickets are only available with reserved seating at Pexcho’s American Dime Museum- general admission $20 and VIP (front 2 rows, in the action) $25. Join us for a fabulous night of theatre!! Sponsored by Mema Had One and Skin Grafix Tattoo & Piercing.

  • 216 Sixth St.
  • Augusta, GA 30901

Come One! Come All! Come See! Pexcho's American Dime Museum is THE Cultural Experience of the 21st Century, and You and Your Entire Family are Invited! A Faithful recreation of late 19th Century and early 20th Century Dime Museums, and inspired by Dick Horne's American Dime Museum in Baltimore, Maryland (closed in 2006), and P.T. Barnum's 5-story American Museum in New York City (which Burned to the ground in 1865), Pexcho's American Dime Museum will bring Wonderment, Disbelief, Amazement and Laughter to Children and Adults alike. Aside from the Coffee House, Art Galleries and Gift Shop, the Museum also promotes Educational ends, including Natural History in its Menageries, an Aquarium (which features Rare Exotic Fish), and Taxidermy Exhibits; History in its Photographs, Illustrations, Wax Figures, and Memorabilia; and Fostering the Idea, that a Child's Imagination & Curiosity is Timeless.