Christmas in the Quarters

Discover the Christmas holiday as the enslaved families of Redcliffe Plantation experienced it more than 170 years ago.

This tour of Redcliffe’s decorated slave cabin and mansion explores both the struggles and the joys that enslaved families experienced during the holidays through personal stories, historic documents, crafts, sing-alongs and more.

Explore a different theme every Saturday.

• Dec. 2 – Food and Feasting: features a food tasting

• Dec. 9 – Holydays and Free Time: includes a special story time

• Dec. 16 – Family and Friends: includes a family tree craft

• Dec. 23 – Song and Celebration: features a spiritual sing-along

• Dec. 30 – Gifts and Giving: includes plantation games and crafts.

Tour space is limited to 30 people and is first-come, first-serve. No reservations are required.

Completed in 1859, Redcliffe Plantation was once the home of James Henry Hammond, three generations of his descendants, and numerous African-American families like the Henleys, Goodwins, & Wigfalls who worked at the site as slaves and later as free men and women. This site symbolizes the ambition, wealth and power of James Henry Hammond a successful cotton planter, congressman, governor and senator, who spent his life defending the southern plantation system and his status within it. Redcliffe provides a setting for exploring the experiences of the enslaved, as well as the larger institution of slavery and reflects the historical experiences and impact of the white and black families who lived and worked at the site. The extant slave quarters, mansion, and iconic lane of magnolia trees planted in 1860 serve to highlight the plantation’s rich and varied history.