The Savannah River Bluffs Heritage Preserve is an 84-acre tract of land mere minutes from downtown with a nice hiking trail that leads to beautiful views of the shoals of the Savannah river.  The hiking trail follows an old logging road, then crosses a power line easement and finally meanders through the woods following a stream to the river.  While you’re at the river, look for rock formations that might be remnants of fishing weirs built by native Americans who inhabited the area long ago.

It’s a great place to go that’s very close to town, yet largely undiscovered.  In all the times I’ve visited, I’ve never come across another hiker exploring this great preserve.  Check out the video to see more about the area.

Savannah River Bluffs Video

If you go, remember it’s all downhill to the river from the parking lot…and uphill back!  Wear comfortable shoes, bring water, and remember to carry out all your trash to preserve the natural beauty of the area.  Here’s a map to the parking area.