Right across the river in North Augusta, about a 5 minute drive from downtown Augusta, is the Sno-Cap. For those of you who like simple, good food, it’s perfect. For those of you who enjoy nostalgic settings, you’ll love the 50s vibe.

When we first pulled up to the Sno-Cap, my Uncle Tony (who’s visiting from New Jersey) asks – “What is this? Like a Sonic?”

The answer? No! Can you drive your vehicle in and park it, yes. But you won’t find a bunch of dolled up items on the menu and you won’t pay chain restaurant prices. You also have the option of sitting inside if the weather is too hot or cold for your liking (which is good for cold natured folks like me!).

Simple burgers, hotdogs and sandwiches make up the majority of the menu, although they do also have salads, platters with chicken fingers, shrimp and more. They key to Sno-Cap’s success is that they don’t NEED to pile on soggy bacon, weird sauces or veggies that you’ve never heard of on top of a burger or hotdog. They just keep it simple!

You can sit outside underneath the covering at one of their picnic tables, or you can head inside and enjoy the vintage vibe at a booth or at the counter.

Try the root beer float for dessert and you won’t be sorry!

They have Cruise Ins, where vintage cars and their owners stop by and hang out, movie nights and bike nights all the time, so keep a look out!

Sno-Cap Drive In

618 West Avenue North Augusta, SC 29841 (803) 279-4004