You don’t have to go far in Augusta's River Region to find a watering hole with fresh flavors infused into every drink. So, grab some friends, schedule an Uber, and get ready for a night of scrumptious sips - starting with these 5 drinks you HAVE to try.

1. Nana's Puddin' - Served in a mason jar with whipped cream piled high - this boozy shake from Farmhaus Burgers is made with Banana Rum, Irish Cream and Vanilla Wafers and tastes just like homemade banana pudding. Around here, that's a miracle. But, if banana pudding isn't your thing (*gasp!) then there are plenty of other flavors to try - and don't forget about the shake of the month.


2. Three Under Par - Brewed with the amazing aroma of apricots and stone fruit at Riverwatch Brewery, this beer starts sweeter but ends crisp and clean. Try it during a brewery tour - or choose a different tap from the Riverwatch lineup at Hive.


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3. Old Fashion Tomahawk - Not one, but two bitters - black walnut and orange - bring a fresh twist to this classic on the menu at Finch & Fifth. You won't find one better in the entire river region.


4. Southern Spritzer - You may have seen it listed on cocktail menus as "Allspice Dram" or "Pimento Dram." Or, because it’s an under-the-radar sort of spirit, you just may not have seen it at all. But the spiced liqueur and a little lime bring bold and bright flavors to this hibiscus infused vodka spritzer. Try one at the Hammond's Ferry Larder.


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5. Thoroughbred Red - The house signature ale at Aiken Brewing Company, this amber brew brings toasted malts with hints of caramel and balanced English hops to each sip.