Michael and Lisa Hogue are the folks behind Augusta Honey Company. With two hive locations in Augusta, they not only offer fresh local honey, but a variety of unique beeswax products like candles, soaps, lotion bars, beautiful beeswax honey pots, and more. We are absolutely in love with every product that we've tried so far. Here are our 5 favorites:

1. Beeswax Honey Pots

Seriously, is there a more beautiful way to store honey? And if it works for the bees it'll work for us.

2. Augusta Honey Sticks

Throw a few in your purse and you'll have honey anytime you need a drizzle over your biscuit or to sweeten your tea.


Honey straws are the perfect addition to any day 🍯

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3. Beeswax Cloths

Super cute fabric dipped into beeswax are a great way to transport your snacks or sandwich to work for lunch instead of plastic bags. You can also use the pliable and waterproof cloth to cover dishes during your next picnic.

4. Lotion Bars

These adorable little bars keep you moisturized without leaving your hands feeling slippery or sticky.


5. Beeswax Candles

They say pure beeswax candles purify the air when you burn them. And these beauties smell slightly sweet, like honey. So, yes, we need a few of them in our lives.

You can grab Augusta Honey Company products at the Augusta Visitor Center or at the Hogue's restaurant, Walton Way Deli.