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What To Do In Augusta in August

August is here, and Augusta's River Region is bustling with exciting summer entertainment and events. Whether you're a local looking for some fun or a visitor seeking new adventures, our soulful, funky, and historic city has something special in store for you. AUGUST 1 -31 GreenJackets Baseball…

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Book the Augusta's Black Caddies Experience

It's widely known that Augusta boasts a major draw in the form of the renowned Augusta National Golf Course, which serves as the venue for the esteemed Masters tournament. Amidst all the limelight, there exists a significant untold narrative about Augusta's Black Caddies. These remarkable…

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Book the Mystery at the Morris Experience

What do you, a trained museum docent, and a rogue journalist all have in common? You have the opportunity to embark on an extraordinary adventure at the Mystery at the Morris - The Rest of the Story experience. During this curated experience at the renowned Morris Museum of Art, you'll uncover a…

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Book Canal To Cloth Experience at Augusta Canal

If you've ever wondered how integral Augusta, Georgia was to the Industrial Revolution, then the Canal to Cloth - A Day at the Mill experience will wow you and bring you back to the early 1800s with the Augusta Canal at the center of the revolution. During this experience, you'll be a millworker at…

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Book The Curated Palette Experience at Westobou

Are you ready to immerse yourself in a world of curated masterpieces? Book The Curated Palette - Inspiring Contemporary Art Experience. Get inspired by contemporary art and create your own work of art in a guided curation of a charcuterie board influenced by your observations of the art installation…

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