Saving Zoe Marano SistersSaving Zoë Listing

Starring Laura Marano, Vanessa Marano, Ken Jeong


Suggested Locations Route

Please note that this locations tour includes a section that is walking only. You need to park near the Lake Olmstead Trailhead and walk a little less than a half mile to the Aqueduct Park.

Saving Zoë is a tale of two sisters in high school, so area schools are a frequent backdrop of this visual story. The main location that almost becomes its own character in the film is the Aqueduct Park on the Augusta Canal trail. Many of the main characters frequent this picturesque area. It's worth the walk!

Another interesting behind-the-scenes note is that the production team had a hard time locating a home with a basement for use toward the end of the film's story. They ended up building the stairs to the basement and basement room in Indiegrip's studio space. When watching the film, you cannot even tell that it's a fabricated set!

Photo Gallery: Augusta Locations in Saving Zoë