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African American Heritage

Get your picture taken with the statue of James Brown on Broad Street and visit the Augusta Museum of History to celebrate the “Godfather of Soul,” who first displayed his showmanship while shining shoes on the streets of Augusta. Pass a few hours at the Lucy Craft Laney Museum of Black History.

An influential educator, Laney founded the first kindergarten and nurses’ training class for black students. Learn about the Penny Savings Bank – one of America’s first black-owned banks – or visit the home of acclaimed poet and author Frank Yerby.

Discover how Augusta’s African-American trailblazers played a vital role in building a city that’s proud of its rich past, yet ready to embrace its limitless future.

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  • 3593_358_CedarGroveCemetary.jpg Location: Augusta, Downtown

    Cedar Grove Cemetery

    First established in 1820 as the city’s first "colored cemetery," it houses the graves of many noted black Augustans.
  • 10499_556_African American Heritage Walk laney walker blvd.jpg

    African American History Walk

    Monuments and markers lining the street in honor of Augusta's significant African-American citizens.
  • 25706_560_James Brown Statue.jpg

    James Brown Statue

    Until his passing, Brown lived in Augusta and was an active member of the community.
  • Goodale Plantation

    This was the first place in the state to employ blacks who were not slaves.
  • Ware High School Historical Marker

    This marker is at the site of the first black public high school in Georgia, one of only five such high schools n the South.
  • 25360_136_Brown in downtown Augusta, photo by Frank Christian.jpg Location: Augusta, Downtown

    James Brown Boulevard

    The Godfather of Soul James Brown got his start as a boy shining shoes on the streets of Augusta.
  • Amanda America Dickson Toomer Home

    A testament to the tenactiy of Amanda Dickson, who became the wealthiest African-American woman of the late 19th century.
  • 6119_561_lucy laney high school.jpg

    Lucy Laney High School

    The school is named for revered educator Lucy Craft Laney, one of the state's most influential educators of black youth during the late 19th and ea...
  • 2368_559_1st Chrst Ch w E Tubman memorial1.jpg

    First Christian Church & Emily Tubman Memorial

    629 Greene Street and in Greene Street median across from church
  • 2404_563_Tabernacle Baptist Church.jpg

    Tabernacle Baptist Church

    Founded as Beulah Baptist Church in 1885 by the dynamic preacher and civil rights orator Reverend Charles T. Walker.
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