Facts & Figures

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The Augusta Convention and Visitors Bureau aims to increase tourism to Augusta.

augusta visitor facts information

Augusta's many attractions draw tourism from all over.

This Southern city with soul is attracting national attention for our attractions, amenities, business climate and quality of life:

"Best Bank for the Buck Cities" - Forbes

"Top 100 Places to Live for 2009" - Relocate America
"Fastest Recovering Cities in America" - Forbes

"Forty Strongest Metro Economies" - Business Week

"30 Strongest Housing Markets in the United States" - Business Week

"100 Cities Where Americans are Getting Richer" - Forbes

Masters Facts

Lodging tax collections for the month of April 2009 were $9.75 million, 203% more than the average month.

The Augusta National Golf Course's 13th hole, aptly called Azalea, has more than 1,600 azalea bushes.

Many Augusta businesses profit directly and indirectly from the tournament. Many say the one week contributes as much as a 13th month in the year.

Long before the Masters Tournament, Augusta was a winter resort and golfing haven for tourists from the north in the late 1800s and early 1900s. The Bon Air Golf Course was the first built in Augusta, constructed circa 1897.