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Walk through history at Meadow Garden, the former home of George Walton.

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Experience African American History at the Lucy Craft Laney Museum.

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The Augusta Arsenal is located on the campus of Augusta State University.

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Augusta has a rich history, including being called home by one of Georgia's signers of the Declaration of Independence.

Augusta Canal

Museum of History

Tour the Boyhood Home of Woodrow Wilson

Go inside the Lucy Craft Laney Museum

Founded in 1736, Augusta is steeped in history – boasting architecturally rich sites listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Walk slowly through Augusta’s tree-lined streets. You’ll soon sense it. Time seems to stand still, and the echoes of the past guide you to some of the South’s most intriguing landmarks.

Experience majestic antebellum mansions during the Summerville Tour of Homes. Visit the home of George Walton , two-time Georgia governor and the youngest original signer of the Declaration of Independence. Explore the restored childhood home of Woodrow Wilson , where the former president lived during the Civil War.

Speaking of the Civil War, the campus of Augusta State University is the site of an arsenal captured by Georgia troops and used to the aid the Confederacy. Spend a day at the Augusta Canal National Heritage Area , the nation’s oldest industrial power canal, and get a view of the Confederate Powderworks Chimney , the city's only surviving Confederate-built structure.

Augusta’s African-American heritage is celebrated at the Lucy Craft Laney Museum of Black History  – dedicated to the educator who founded the first kindergarten and nurses’ training class for black students. Another fascinating attraction is the Springfield Baptist Church , founded in 1787, making it the oldest African-American congregation in the U.S. 

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